Jay Park – Road less travelled



  1. What Up! (Feat. Don Flamingo)
  2. Get It All (Feat. Cha Cha Malone)
  3. Twilight (Feat. Woo & Jarv Dee)
  4. Twisted Dreams (Feat. Jay Electronica, Joe Flizzow & DJ Wegun)
  5. WDFA (Feat. Masiwei & DZknow of Higher Brothers, Avatar Darko)
  6. Doin’ Me (Feat. Avatar Darko & Dolce Drako)
  7. Plottin’ (Feat. iLL Chris)
  8. Stutter (Feat. Ted Park)
  9. Feng Shui
  10. Ben Baller (Feat. UNEDUCATED KID, Ghoulavelii & BRADYSTREET)
  11. Step Son (Feat. Nacho Picasso)
  12. Monster (Feat. Raz Simone)
  13. Sun Comes Up (Feat. Fatal Lucciauno & Malitia Malimob)
  14. GRAYGROUND Cypher (Feat. King Leez, Anthony Danza, Keem Hyo-Eun, pH-1, Geo of Blue Scholars, Chaboom & DJ Wegun)
  15. Legacy (Feat. Gifted Gab & Shelby)
  16. For Ourselves (Feat. Chloe DeVita)
  17. Undefeated (Feat. The Flavr Blue)

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